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First Guests at the McFadden Nature Center

McFadden Nature Center’s first official guests came from a surprising place this week, halfway around the world. Simeon and Gale Pang, from Hong Kong, arrived last week on a bicycle built for two. They are pedaling across the United States on the two-wheel tandem bike.

"We have no children, so can easily travel,” Simeon said. “Our goal is to visit every state Capitol on the mainland. The best part is meeting so many interesting people on the way.”

Not afraid of hard work, they helped with a controlled burn. They also participated in making animal footprints on concrete Disc Golf Course pads.

They have created a vast network of fellow travelers and friends blogging through social media apps. If you would like to learn more about their adventure, their Facebook site is aptly titled “2Wheels2Seats” and displays photos and information of their ongoing travels.


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